This is a new era of addiction treatment—one that prioritizes long-term solutions to addiction in the U.S. At New Perspectives, we know that quitting an addiction cold turkey can be difficult and even dangerous at times. Because of this, we make use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to support traditional methods and therapies as you go through our program. Our goal is your comfort and success in long-term sobriety.

Using medication to help deal with withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings may not be a new concept, but it is an effective one. By replacing a dangerous substance with a professionally-administered medication, the rate of relapse drops and people suffering from addiction can focus on their recovery. We utilize clinically-proven therapy along with FDA-approved medication to help you better manage the debilitating withdrawal symptoms that can come along with an addiction to opioids. The compassionate and dedicated staff here at New Perspectives brings a new level of care to addiction treatment to Palm Beach County. Become a part of our family, gain a new perspective on quality addiction treatment.

Facility Features

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

    Stopping any substance cold turkey can cause uncomfortable and in some cases life-threatening symptoms. By making use of medications prescribed by addiction physicians, you can take the focus off of your cravings and onto your treatment.

  • Passionate Staff

    No health care facility can operate without the tireless work of dedicated professionals. At New Perspectives, our family of medical and clinical professionals makes sure you feel at home while providing the best treatment methods to date.

  • Intensive Outpatient

    Treating the addiction without the mindset is a recipe for relapse and the same is true for the opposite. MAT takes care of the physical aspect of substance use while our intensive outpatient program helps you deal with the root of your addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment has been proven to help deter relapse using safe and controlled prescriptions. When coupled with long-term therapy, MAT can be the solution for those that have found themselves in and out of treatment programs.

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We are the Delphi Difference

New Perspectives proudly represents Delphi Behavioral Health Group, a robust network of addiction treatment centers across the nation with a dedication to higher qualities of standards when it comes to substance abuse recovery. Our client-first mentality and our commitment to excellence set us apart as we work to offer people from all over the country the opportunity to live a life free from addiction.

Being connected with such a large network allows us to have smaller facilities that prioritize quality over quantity. No matter where you are along your recovery journey, we can either help you at our facility or connect you with one of our sister facilities, each holding the same standards of excellence and care.

As a member of the Delphi family, we also exemplify the Delphi Difference. Our low client-to-staff ratio and use of clinically-proven therapeutic methods allow us to give you and your addiction the attention you deserve. We aim to foster lasting sobriety in each person that walks through our doors and create a vibrant recovery community in South Florida and across the country.