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Everyone deserves a chance at finding a new path after a battle with addiction. People in recovery also deserve the support they need to make it through recovery. At New Perspectives, we offer medicated-assisted treatment as part of our comprehensive rehabilitation programs for substance abuse.

For some people with severe opioid addiction, it’s going to take more than therapy to help them achieve and maintain stability. We use safe medications to help you deal with the intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings that follow a dependence on opioids. The decision to use medication-assisted treatment is a personal one, but many people who have benefited from it credit it for helping them succeed in recovery from substance abuse.

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At New Perspectives in West Palm Beach, Florida, we offer outpatient clinical treatment for people who are battling an opioid use disorder. We combine our outpatient therapies with FDA-approved medications to deliver addiction treatment that is designed to help you avoid relapse and achieve lasting sobriety. Outpatient treatment is ideal for people who have completed more intensive levels of care, including a supervised medical detox, or people who don’t require intensive treatment. 

The disease of addiction is progressive and highly destructive. It waits for no one. Seek and get the help you deserve at New Perspectives. Call us now at (855) 598-3748 or contact us online to speak with a specialist who can guide you to recovery options that can help you put your addiction behind you for good.

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