Ana Dorta-Baez – Certified Physician’s Assistant

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With over 26 years of experience, Ana is trained in both internal medicine as well as psychiatry while specializing in addiction medicine. She was grandfathered in as a licensed physician associate in 1992 and has spent the last 10 years with a focus on mental health and addiction. Realizing that there was a need for follow up care and prescription refills from facilities, she opened ADB Medical Services to focus on mental health. She has received her doctorate of medicine from Central Eastern University in the Dominican republic and has interned at the Jackson Memorial Miami Veterans Administration.

One of the highlights of her career involved her training that she received in Wickenberg, Arizona at the Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders, a world-famous institution for eating disorders. There, she worked with children as young as 9 who struggled with anorexia. She now works to serve at New Perspectives as a certified physician’s assistant.



Alyssa Harbina
Content Writer

Alyssa has been working in the addiction treatment field for three years, and has worked with Delphi Behavioral Health for a year and a half. Throughout most of her life, she’s dabbled in creative writing. Now she’s able to combine her passion for writing with her desire to help addicts and alcoholics struggling with the disease of addiction.

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